Thursday, July 15, 2010

::Sweet deal on diapers

I just ordered from a big ol' box of Huggies diapers. I never buy Huggies, or Pampers, or even Luvs. I always buy the Parent's Choice brand from Walmart. Even with a coupon, the other diapers are always more expensive than the Walmart brand, and I've always been happy with them. They work fine. Plus, I don't see why you would pay so much more money for something your kid poops and pees in and you toss in the garbage several times a day.

But anyway, Amazon has a promotion going on right now on select brands and items in their baby section. If you purchase a select item with their new Subscribe and Save option, you'll get an additional 30% off and free shipping. PLUS, if you get Parents magazine, there's a coupon in there for another 20% off that you can stack with the previous deal. It ended up costing me about 13 cents a diaper. That's what I pay at Walmart. And now I don't have to go out and get more diapers, that I happen to be almost out of. :)

I'm waiting for my Swagbucks gift code to post. I think it's supposed to post tomorrow. I plan on using that money toward some coconut oil. I've heard and read lots of great things about coconut oil, and I'd like to start using that instead of butter in my granola bars. After the Swagbucks, I'll only pay around $5.00 for 30 oz. Can't get much better than that...unless I had more Swagbucks...then I'd get it for free. :)

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