Wednesday, June 23, 2010

::Gevalia coffee deal

One of the blogs I follow posted a Gevalia deal that's out right now. I've never tried Gevalia coffee before. I'm very particular about my coffee, and I don't like flavored coffee, which is what I thought all Gevalia carried. But after I clicked on the link, I found that they have quite a nice selection and also have a ton of teas. I ordered an Organic Peruvian blend, some raspberry tea, and a coffee called Creme Brule. Yeah, I know I just said I don't like flavored coffees, but the description sold me. It also came with a travel mug and shipping was free. The whole order came to $3. I have to cancel my subscription as soon as I receive my first order so that I don't incur any more charges or coffee, but that's easy. ;)

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