Tuesday, June 22, 2010

::Eat your peas

It's been at least two weeks since I stopped eating meat. I don't really remember the exact day, and I kinda wish I did, because it'd be good to know and to keep track. But, I'm telling you, I don't miss meat one bit. I still have a teeny bit here and there, but mainly because I'm finishing someone else's just so it doesn't get wasted. In addition to stopping my meat consumption, I've increased my raw fruit and vegetable intake. I've definitely noticed a difference in the way I feel. And in a good way. A very good way. I have more energy now, because I know that my body isn't using as much on trying to digest meat. I don't crave garbage. I can stand with the pantry door open and stare right at a can of Pringles and not want them. I want almonds instead. I want an apple instead of ice cream. It's really exciting, actually. The way the human body reacts to what you put in it is such an interesting thing. It really is a wonder why we don't take better care of ourselves when it's so easy to just eat healthy. This is an ongoing process for me. I'm still seeing how this goes. Cause I still want ice cream occasionally. :) I'll post more about all this soon. It's getting late, and I need some sleep.

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