Tuesday, June 22, 2010

::Ants in the cookie jar

What a morning...
I don't know what was going on, but my kids must have been observing some sort of national holiday that I wasn't aware of. It must be "Cry, Whine, Break and Spill Stuff, And Cry Some More" day.
Both the girls woke up crying. You know that really annoying whiney cry? Yeah, that's what they were doing. During their breakfast (which Karis wouldn't eat), Kurt went to open the shade and noticed that the shade was pulled all the way down and touching the floor. It's one of those kinds that if you yank it a bit, it retracts up by itself. Well, we all know who pulled it down to the floor. Kurt tried to make it retract, and the entire shade came crashing down in a big unraveled pile of...well...shade. Something to add to Karis' list...
After breakfast, I needed to shower, so I thought I would just let the girls watch a movie in their room while I cleaned up. For some reason, unknown to anyone, that set them off into another crying fit. So, I just put them in bed and they watched it anyway. Can you hear a mom saying, "You're gonna watch a movie whether you want to or not!" Haha. I didn't sound like that, though.
After I got out of the shower, they seemed to have calmed down and be in a better mood. So was I. I took them downstairs and instead of doing my usual morning chores routine, I just sat on the couch and snuggied with them. I decided they just needed some loving, and it made me feel better, too. I was feeding KIII when he had a diaper blowout. Up and out the back, all over his clothes, and on mine. *SIGH* It's okay, he's just a wittle baby. I go upstairs, grab some new clothes for him, ignore my poopy skirt, come downstairs and see Karis standing on the couch looking quite guilty. I also notice that my coffee cup is not on the coaster anymore, and that my coffee is now all down the front of Karis' dress and on the couch. Granted, I should not have left my coffee cup in a room with kids unattended. But it still made me mad.
I went into the kitchen to clean all the maddness up and pack Kurt's lunch. I reached into the cookie jar to get some of the AWESOME cookies I made the other day and was going to post about and found that my hand and the cookies were swarming with ants. Half a dozen perfect oatmeal raisin cookies...I'm concocting ways to salvage them somehow.
So, my morning in a word? Cryingkidsbrokenshademorecryingkidspoopybabypoopymamacoffeecoveredkidcoffeecoveredcouchantsinthecookiejar.
All before 9:30 am.

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