Friday, June 25, 2010

::Yard sale! (not mine)

Yard sales are the best. I get such a thrill over getting a bunch of neat ol' junk for hardly any money. I took the girls on a walk around our neighborhood and hit a couple of sales. I got two shirts for a quarter each, and two brand new DVDs still in the plastic for 50 cents each.
Woohoo! Movie night!

I got a little ambitious last night and made something totally weird to go with my crockpot bean stuff. I wanted to use tuna, because Kurt bought an 8pack of tuna from Sam's on our last trip. Canned tuna. It smells like cat food when you open the can.

Now as far as my no-meat diet goes, fish is the exception. There are some really great health benefits from eating certain kinds of fish. Especially salmon. I could eat salmon everyday. Tilapia is good, too. But canned's like...spammy...that's the only word I could think of to describe it.

So, I went searching for a recipe that would make canned tuna a bit more palatable. I found one for a tuna rice puff. It sounds weird, it looks weird, but I'm really into weird right now.

It was a bit of work, and it kept me in the kitchen longer than I wanted to be during arsenic hour, but it really went well with the black eyed peas. I made a fruit salad, too.
The puff was good, but it needed something. I omitted the salt, because I thought the tuna would be salty, but, I should've added it. And maybe some cheese and green onions. Then it would be really, really good.

The girls didn't seem to care for anything that was on their plate last night. Except for the marshmallows that I put in the fruit salad. There was only like twelve left in the bag...

*sigh* I will not give up offering them good food!

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