Monday, June 21, 2010

::Plans for the week

I keep changing the look of my blog. I can't get it to look quite how I want it to yet. Ongoing construction...

Anyway, I'm thinking about having a yard sale this Thursday through Saturday. I don't know how it's going to work. I've been cleaning out closets and cupboards over the past several weeks and it's ridiculous how much junk we have. It has got to go. But, how to have a yard sale with three wee ones who need my constant attention?

That's the winning question. I still have to figure that out.

Well, at lease I've planned my meals for the week, and the weekend meals are all crockpot recipes, so that will help tremendously if I can pull off the sale.

::Monday (today!)
Mediterranean roasted broccoli and tomatoes (new recipe from my MIL, never made it before)

BBQ chicken and oven potatoes (but this is subject to change)

Oriental noodles and cabbage (I'm playing off this recipe here, but no ramen)

Spicy black eyed peas and tuna (another "play-off" recipe here)

Pasta salad and italian chicken

Salsa chicken and black bean/corn/mango salad

I guess these are all subject to change, but it feels so nice to have a plan to refer to when making dinner. And I'm really trying to cook out of the box and find more recipes, try things I normally wouldn't make. It's fun.

Oh, it's supposed to rain Thursday and Saturday. :(

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